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Academics: Building Strong Futures

Early K-Second Grade

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Academics: Building Strong Futures

Early K-Second Grade

Franklin Learning Academy (FLA) has two learning tracks with one important goal: educational success. After completing our nurturing early learning opportunities, students are ready to “graduate” to our tuition-free charter school for their early elementary education. Each age and stage experiences an exciting, challenging, and holistic curriculum that builds academic strengths alongside social-emotional skills.

We provide a standards-based curriculum and have a culture of high expectations for behavior and academics through research-based curricula, plus a focus on achievement and student growth. Our college preparatory curriculum is built on the Ohio Learning Standards (OLS) for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, and Physical Education, and students excel with small class sizes and individualized support.

FLA’s Instructional Model: Four Steps to Success

Individualized Instruction: Participating in multiple, daily learning activities per subject, students receive whole class-, small group-, and individualized instruction via teachers, technology, and other curricular tools.

Properly Certified & Licensed Teachers: FLA teachers meet the requirements set forth by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): Bachelor’s degree, grade-level teaching license/certificate, and the ability to demonstrate subject area expertise. Supported by trainers and participating in continuous, research-based professional development, our teachers are accountable for student learning and rewarded for high-quality performance.

More Time on Task: Our students receive double the instruction in ELA and Math to provide a strong foundation for all learning. Beginning with full-day Kindergarten, our school also follows a longer school day and school year than many other schools.

Short Cycle Assessments: Student knowledge of academic standards is assessed formally and informally in short cycles by each teacher, who adjusts class-level and individual instruction based on student performance.

Specific academic and curriculum details:

Early K   |   Kindergarten   |   First Grade |   Second Grade

Early K: Learning Essentials

For students who miss the age cutoff or who could benefit from a differentiated or more challenging curriculum prior to starting school, our Early K class provides a great interim opportunity.

  • Kindergarten readiness-focused
  • Academic building blocks are aligned with state learning standards
  • Individualized learning strengthens necessary skills for schooling success
  • Core subjects include: English Language Arts (phonics, grammar and early reading); math (games and animations); early science and social studies principles; and art and physical education

Kindergarten: Strengthening Basics

Children continue to gain critical school readiness and academic abilities, strengthen gross- and fine motor skills, and learn to socialize and follow rules.

  • Full-day program offers opportunities for solo and group learning and exploring
  • Continued practice of academic building blocks (early writing, reading, math)
  • Core subjects include: English Language Arts (phonics, grammar, and reading through multi-sensory activities); math (games and animations to bring concepts to life); early science and social studies principles (hands-on experiments, stories of diverse times and cultures); and art and physical education (creative projects, teamwork, and sportsmanship)

First Grade: Expanding Horizons

Students here will continue building upon Core Subjects like:

  • English Language Arts (reading, phonics and comprehension skills; basic grammar like capitalization and punctuation; and writing)
  • Math (counting, writing and sequencing numbers up to 100, understanding basic symbols, adding, subtracting, measurements and basic geometry)
  • Science (life, earth, and physical sciences; observation and analytical skills; study of basic scientific and technological advancements)
  • Social Studies (integrated topics in geography, civics, economics, and history, in North America and beyond)
  • Art (appreciation to develop understanding of form, style and structure; and projects to explore creativity and expression)
  • Physical education (organized team events, regular exercise, and general health and well-being concepts)

Second Grade: Mastering More

Learning even more deeply, these students gain age-appropriate skills in ongoing academic arenas.

  • English Language Arts continues to foster of love of literature while strengthening writing and comprehension. Further, students will analyze fiction and non-fiction, with a focus on classic works and writing as a process.
  • Increasingly sophisticated Math classes focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, challenge problems and the beginnings of basic algebra.
  • Hands-on experiments in Science nurture curiosity, analytical thinking, if-then hypotheses and more intricate problem-solving.
  • Social Studies program opens young minds and imaginations to far-off lands, distant times and diverse cultures. Societal growth and challenges are discussed and explored, both locally and globally.
  • Art instruction from appreciation to developing an understanding of form, style, and structure. Projects are designed to explore creativity and expression.
  • Physical education includes organized team events, regular exercise, and general health and well-being concepts.

Students hand holding a pencil and drawing a picture with hearts.

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Franklin Learning Academy serves a diverse population of students and we work to support the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of all students.

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Special Education Coordinator
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